Meet Mycroft, a seamless and secure online conferencing platform that offers effortless full-service support and accessible self-service functionality.

A paper with a pencil

Timestamped notes that allow you to capture key moments of a session.  Notes are accessible within the platform and for download once the groups are complete.

A cloud with an arrow pointing down

Instantly available after completion.  You can access within the platform, or from a file we share with you through Dropbox

A clapperboard

Create clips of your favorite quotes and download them directly from the platform to compile a highlight reel.

A bar chart inside a paper

Multiple poll types are available to capture participant feedback: open-end, single select, multi select, and ranking.

A screen with an arrow pointing to the right inside of it

Both the moderator and participants can share their screen (with the ability to disable participant screenshare)

A whiteboard with a marker

Type or draw and work with your participants live

Mycroft is a qualitative research platform that allows teams to get the best out of every session.

Mycroft is an live online qualitative research platform that allows researchers to conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) in a setting that gets as close to an in-person facility as possible. It has be designed with the qualitative researcher and the participant at the heart of every decision. Each new feature added focuses on bringing the researcher easy functionality, allowing them to focus on the discussion and uncovering insights.

We have a small, but mighty, team with backgrounds in consumer research, hospitality, client relations, and front and back end engineering. Our collaborative culture and focus on delivering the highest quality virtual research experience allows us to continue to deliver a top-notch experience for our clients.

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